The firstborn son of El, Baal was raised by his father’s side on the outer fringes of the Sirusian empire. Distanced from the influence of Soma’s strict societal codes, Baal’s attitudes and appetites swiftly grew beyond the constraints of Sirusian decorum. Deferring traditional companionship, Baal instead found counsel – and pleasure – among his Irin and human workforce, fostering a loyal and devoted following among them.

What concerns El had with Baal’s equitable treatment of “the mules” were assuaged by profits they generated. On Soma however, the rumours of Baal’s deviation from Sirusian codes drew the ire of the more conservative houses, and marked him an enemy to be struck down at the earliest sign of vulnerability.

Thus, upon El’s death, Baal had no choice but to return to Soma and secure the family’s position as its patriarch. Though bitterly missing its freedoms, Baal found vicarious comfort in passing the stewardship of Earth to his favoured son, Marduk. This decision came with a cost however, unravelling the last remaining threads of cordiality between Baal and his younger brother, Yahweh, who assumed himself to be the rightful executor of all off-world assets.