El’s second son. An introvert, Yahweh endured relentless bullying from his more exuberant siblings, in particular Baal, who considered him weak. El sought to ease tensions by placing the increasingly withdrawn Yahweh in charge of supplies and logistics for Earth’s operations – a position requiring minimal interaction with his brothers. A tinkerer, with a mind for efficiency, Yahweh soon devised plans to replace the expensive Irin workforce at the logistics hub with a new breed of humans capable of a broader range of tasks comparable to Irin. Following a successful trial breeding programme, Yahweh presented his creation – the Jews – to the family for approval.

But to Yahweh’s dismay, his Jews were met with contempt from his brothers. The Irin, in turn, saw them as a direct threat to their established hierarchy. Using his position as the favoured son, Baal convinced El to shutter Yahweh’s program and send the Jews to work in the mines.

Unwilling to forgive Baal for his interference but unable to challenge him, Yahweh resolved to fulfil his duties as demanded, on the understanding that, upon Baal’s departure, Earth would be his to administer as he saw fit. But when Baal instated Marduk as administrator of Earth, Yahweh could bear the years of ignominy no longer, and resigned in protest. Travelling to Soma, Yahweh petitioned Baal for the formal division of the family business into two subsidiaries- one controlled by each, entirely independent in its operations. When this was refused Yahweh then demanded the return of his workforce, the Jews, claiming his rights in having manufactured them himself. When Baal once again refused, Yahweh vowed to take matters into his own hands.

Yahweh was as good as his word, unleashing a virus on Earth which claimed the lives of Marduk’s entire personal human staff in Egypt, and gravely sickened several of his Irin. Enraged, Baal initiated a criminal investigation, and Yahweh relocated his Jewish workers while the court deliberated. Baal’s presence on Soma proved decisive: Yahweh was found guilty of all counts, most significantly causing grievous bodily harm to Irin workers who – unlike humans – have limited rights of personhood within the Sirusian legal system.

Using his influence within the courts to enact Soma’s laws of guilt by association and collective responsibility, Yahweh’s family and immediate staff were sentenced to 800 years of exile and labour on Caspius, a cold and brutal depleted mining planet. Yahweh died on its surface 220 years later, a broken man.