Descended from the illustrious Anahita and Mithra. Father of four sons and four daughters, his two eldest, Baal and Yahweh. Inheriting the family business at the brink of collapse, El poured all remaining wealth into a bold revitalisation of Earth’s long-dormant mining operations. A man of determination rather than innovation, in 5120BC he personally directed a geological engineering program designed to bring rivers and cheaper hydraulic mining techniques to unlock new regions previously deemed uneconomical to exploit. With no lines of credit and no time, he used the human descendants he found on his arrival. He was a fair and hardworking boss, much respected by his employees and children.

By 4000BC, El’s successes on Earth had secured the future of the family, and opened the door to further acquisitions. Leaving his eldest son, Baal, in charge of Earth, El returned to Soma to oversee the expansion of the family’s operational portfolio, remaining until his death in 1462BC.