This planet was at an early stage of ecological development at the time of its discovery by a team of Sirusian exogeologists. Hosting lucrative deposits of rare earth elements, particularly Gadolinium and Europium, the planet was purchased at auction by a consortium of houses with primary interests in the manufacture, sale and licensing of superluminal drive technology.

The uniform density of the planet’s crust created ideal conditions for rapid systematic exploitation of its wealth. Initial extraction and processing of surface deposits disseminated trillions of tons of mineral waste into the atmosphere, engulfing the planet in perpetual dust storms. By the time deep mining operations had commenced all native ecology had ceased.

Upon completion of of deep mining, the owners of Caspius sought to extend its profitability by offering its use to the Sirusian State as a penal colony: Prisoners and exiles would be “employed” at no cost to extract the remaining dregs of usable resource, performing bio-cementation to stabilise the abyssal quarries.

Caspius was hand picked by Baal as the location for his brother’s exile. Now three millennia hence, the house of Yahweh remains its primary labourforce.