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      This trilogy charts the feud between the Canaanite Gods, brothers Yahweh and Baal, miners of gold, the slave masters of our ancestors, known today as God and the Devil. The interstellar family feud has reverberated through human history, and its path leads, as it narrows, to a young Armenian immigrant girl growing up in Sweden today. As the feud is rekindled, Anahita steps into the shoes of her illustrious forefathers. Soon our history, our very existence, now pivots around her ability to manoeuvre through this deadly game of love, revenge, and wealth. Anahita’s adventure is our personal journey of self-discovery, and that of our entire species.

      '9 out of 10'
      - Dropthespotlight.com

      'The art in the book is outstanding. The attention to detail is absolutely unreal'
      - Rogers Reviews

      'A trilogy that reaches for the stars, and if its trajectory is right, it might just land among them'
      - Headstuff.com