The modern structure of the Patricians

The Supreme Master has six Senior Wardens whose chief duties are to advise him on the Patrician’s global policies. Six Junior Wardens also report directly to him for communicating with the other Electors.

The Master of the Call is the senior Patrician responsible for all communication with and between the Patricians. He will ensure all messages are passed swiftly and with the utmost confidentiality. The Caller is served by twelve junior wardens who deliver the messages by hand. Should the Caller die unexpectedly one of the junior wardens will inform The Master of the Keys, who in turn will arrange a meeting of the Grand Council.

The Master Custodian is the senior Patrician responsible for protecting the Marduk Casket. He is served by six junior wardens in the senior security positions at the three vaults. Junior Wardens here also have one point of contact in case of an emergency, the Master of the Code.

The Trinity of Supreme Master, the Caller, and the Custodian, are the holders of The Keys.

The Master of the Code is responsible for producing the Codes as well as the procedure to initiate an unplanned re-election. Two junior wardens work for him, in case he should unexpectedly pass away, and to hold the secret to how the code sequence is chosen. The junior wardens do not know any of the active codes.

The Master of the Keys, should any of the Trinity die, disappear, or become of unsound mind, can, with the other two keys and one of his own, open the safe with a duplicate. This request must be accompanied by a request of the Grand Council of Electors initiated by the Master of the Code. Two junior wardens work for the Master of the Keys.

The Master of the Ceremony handles all procedures and protocols of meetings. Two junior wardens help him in conjunction with the wardens of the Master of the Call. History and precedent are also reviewed by the Master of the Rank.

The Grand Council of Electors are twelve Masters who are self-electing with the Supreme Master having a veto. The other six Masters are; Master of the Sword for military matters with six Senior Wardens; Master of the Gold for financial matters with six Senior Wardens; Master of Rank responsible for screening the bloodline of Patrician candidates, with three junior wardens; Master of Authority for screening the power profile of Patrician candidates with three junior wardens; Master of the Chancellery, responsible for political and international matters, with three Senior Wardens and three Junior Wardens; and Master of the Works, responsible for all property matters, including the Patricians’ vast global property portfolio, with three Senior Wardens and three Junior Wardens.

There are, in summary, twelve Masters, twenty-four Senior Wardens, and thirty six Junior Wardens, a total of seventy two positions within the 600 members of the Patricians. These posts are filled from the Members of the highest rank and authority that are part of the Grand Assembly. The Masters and Wardens arrange and participate in meetings of the General, Military, Financial, and Membership Councils.

New members of the Grand Assembly are elected by the Grand Council after their Rank (blood purity) and Authority (power within society) are presented by the Master of Rank and the Master of Authority, who verify the application. In the past 200 years and, after the disruption caused by the Pretenders, the Authority Report was viewed with increasing importance, and the Report on Rank generally was researched to support and legitimise the membership of the most powerful men in the world. Very powerful men with no genetic link to Marduk were now being allowed in, as the organisation ‘reformed’ itself. Members of the oldest Houses, often ineffective aristocrats, have fought this bitterly, but are losing ground. The arrival of the Chinese, with no clear link to Marduk, in the late 1990’s was followed by the election of a Chinese member of the Grand Council. The geo-political implications are enormous. A compromise has been reached with the more conservative members of the Council, as the casket will remain in the US, and the Master Custodian and Master of the Call would be US citizens. Also, one of the Supreme Master’s three advisors would be European, ensuring that all policy meetings remain heavily skewed to the West. The role of Supreme Master becomes thus somewhat more ceremonial.


This new masonic structure was put in place in 1814 after the attack on Washington, although the numbers and titles borrow much from antiquity. While the dozen or so Obeisances that have occurred in the past 200 years in the US have been the main events, the Grand Council meets every year to dictate policy for the Patricians, and also for the re-election of the key posts.

Since 1965 the Obeisance has been held in an 800 seat auditorium specially built for this purpose on basement 4 of Chase Manhattan Plaza. This ensures that the casket never leaves the Level 3 security of basements 4 and 5.