Baal’s eldest daughter. Fiercely clever and achingly ambitious, Desala’s ruthless acumen would have made her the obvious choice to inherit the family business – were she born a man.

Desala’s youth was spent ensconced within the Sirusian social machine and, desiring above all to elevate the family position, she moved within the circles of influence as a woman of Soma was required. Navigating the brutal trials and politicking of Sirusian matchmaking, Desala achieved a remarkable pairing with the son of a house of wealth and esteem. By Sirusian law however, pairings are dependent on successful procreation, and when Desala’s son, Vazier, was born with a rare and crippling genetic deformity, she found herself cast adrift, reverting once more to her father’s house.

Thus returned, Desala was the first to interpret her father’s growing weakness and disinterest in the wake of Marduk’s death, and soon took matters of business into her own hands: planting spies in competitor firms, greasing the palms of ministers and blackmailing the rest. Earning her father’s appreciation, but still seeking his respect, Desala will stop at nothing to ensure the rise of her house.