C-722 Centrifuge

Suitable for the extraction of Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) from mammalian blood, internal fats, marrow, and spermatozoa sources. Standard magnetic cell sorting using 5 grades of colloidal super-paramagnetic microbeads, conjugated with annexin-V. Immune response triggers in the telomerase are stripped away in sub-unit 4. Cells are stored in Base unit 2 with retinoic acid suspension fluid. Base unit 3 prepares 3D growth factor scaffolds from a wide range of growth factor cultures and completes seeding of ESCs into the scaffolds. Filters complete the process before delivering IV ready product in the central tube. Base unit 1 contains peripheral and waste cell matter for disposal, rotated to counter motion of the main centrifuge.

Up to 17.000 RPM (32.3g) with 4×36 mL tubes. Internal power source. Weight 1350gm.

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