The Sirusian homeworld and heart of their colonial empire. Soma is the only naturally habitable planet in orbit around Pi3 Orionis, the main sequence star in the Orion constellation. A lush and verdant world with an abundance of resources, how Sirusians came to colonise Soma prior to their attainment of superluminal travel remains subject to heated historical debate amongst its scholars. Archaeological records however, indicate their arrival occurred approximately one hundred thousand years ago (Earth calendar). The true homeworld of the Sirusian species remains unknown.

Mining or exploitation of Soma’s resources is strictly prohibited by its ruling class, who instead make use of commodities from its many colonies and trading partners to supply its requirements. As such, the natural environment of the planet remains uniquely pristine comparative to other worlds of equal civilisational development. This is reflected in the Sirusian property market, where habitations closer to the ground are the most sought after and fetch the highest prices. For many Sirusians, the ability to explore the many diverse, untouched habitats of Soma depends entirely on the acquisition of a permit determined by the annual tourism quota. For all its beauty, the beauty of Soma is not for all: By law no persons with less than twenty-five percent Sirusian DNA is permitted to live or work in its geocentric orbits.