A victim and beneficiary of the Devshemir system for recruiting Janissaries, Drasko was snatched from his village in Serbia to begin the arduous training as an Ottoman infantryman. Forbidden to marry or work in trade these soldiers were the elite of the Sultan’s army. As head of Grand Vizier Sokollu Mehmed’s security detail, Drasko was on guard outside his offices when Cass came to visit. Mehmed had himself once been a Janissary and his wealth and influence offered hints of the heady heights that could be reached by the humble Christian slaves. Ever curious Drasko could not help but overhear the conversation, the talk of magic and flashes of light ignited his interest in the mysteries of life. Fearing for his life when Mehmed was later murdered on his detail, Drasko fled back to the mountains of Serbia and began a decade-long quest for the secrets of the gods, immortality, and magic. Again Drasko’s luck held as his search took him away from the Patricians’ world of power, into the secretive world of the Votary of the Blood. Rare at this time, Drasko was accepted into their midst despite not being a child, but because of his remarkable military skills, specifically assassination, which proved essential when the secrecy of their world was threatened. As the centuries passed, Drasko’s curiosity and courage never left him. Constantly on the move, in search of antiquities and answers, Drasko also performed many medical experiments with the blood he used and new centrifuge designs. His death from toxemia, left him much mourned by the other Votary members.