Davo’s grandfather discovered the illusive Tachyon particle. With subluminal travel requiring vast sources of energy and exotic trace elements, the possibilities of this particle in drastically reducing the costs of faster-than-light travel were not lost on the cabal of families that controlled the transport industry. His patents were stolen, modified and buried. His son made the unfortunate choice of taking up a contract with Yahweh on Earth, just in time for Yahweh and his companions to receive a severe sentence of exile to the old mining planet, Caspius. As was traditional, with Sirusian law, a crime not only impacted Yahweh’s family, it also tied in his half-breed servants as well. Davo was born on Caspius, and engineering seemed to be in his blood from the start. A quiet diligent boy with little by way of modern technology at hand, he focused his passion in maintaining the Glory. The Glory was the old vessel Yahweh and his companions had used on earth to fly the annual mineral harvest to the commercial shipping lanes and, more recently, to ferry them all to Caspius itself. The vessel was impounded along with all of Yahweh’s considerable wealth. Despite the primitive systems, Davo developed a love for the roar, heat and flames of these traditional rockets. Preferring to tinker with exhaust ducts rather than equations, Davo admired the robustness of these systems. He loved the independence their simple large parts offered, and the way the engines lived and breathed like they had a life of their own. Modern systems with complex delicate nano-circuitry and built-in obsolescence struck Davo as driving dependency on the corporations that controlled the essence of freedom, namely the ability to travel. A freedom so clearly beyond his grasp.