Son of Mureb. A bespoke conception born via surrogate, Sarosh possesses striking looks and stature. As a male heir, Baal took considerable personal interest in Sarosh’s upbringing, urging him at all turns to prove his worth as a man of Soma. Sarosh saw his chance upon the outbreak of the Third Colony Rebellion. Enlisting for military service, he declined officer track and instead volunteered for Special Infantry. Thrust into a brutal and bloody series of conflicts across multiple star systems, Sarosh grew increasingly disillusioned with the objectives of the Sirusian military, resulting in a tempestuous affair with a captured rebel commander. Hauled before a military court under charges of treason, Sarosh was spared imprisonment only by Baal’s interference. Now disgraced and firmly out of favour, Sarosh seeks redemption serving his parole and his grandfather as warden on Caspius.