Antarctica base

Rumours continue to leak from navy pilots and marine special foreces after tours of service at US McMurdo Base in Antarctica, of the existence of a deserted alien base. As early as Admiral Byrd’s first flight over the South Pole, talk of a warm iceless plateau, some 300 square miles wide, have been suppressed, and a no fly zone over the area, near the south pole, has been strictly enforced. The reason given, collection of baseline Clean Air. However international pollution baselines continue to be gathered in Tasmania.

As the Antarctic continues to melt, the corners of a giant structure, of smooth basalt octagonal chambers, is becoming visible on satellite imagery in Beardmore Glacier. With the confirmed end of the smallpox virus, the Watchers have closed the moon base, and moved back down to a secondary more remote site in Queen Mary Land, Antarctica. With Sarosh back on Soma, and titular head of the family business, Desala has ensured her eyes and ears amongst the Watchers, Omal, has taken over as Earth’s Monitor.