The only son of Yahweh and Ashera. A mere child when his family was sentenced to exile in 1320BC, what little Yawer remembered of life before Caspius spurred him in young manhood towards thoughts of freedom. Frequently clashing with the warden of Caspius and his men, Yawer stood tall as a rallying, vital figure among his people, vowing to challenge Baal when the time of their exile ended.

When sudden news came to Caspius of Marduk’s death, Yawer’s elation fell quickly to horror upon learning that Baal was accusing him of causing it. Charged with organising a group of Levite fanatics to infect Marduk with a virus sourced from one of Yahweh’s former facilities on Earth, Yawer possessed neither the funds nor allies to mount a defence. The guilty verdict but a matter of process, Yahwer was sentenced to permanent exile on Caspius, along with all of his kin. His spirit broken, Yawer henceforth forsook rebellion for the comforts of compliance.