Anahita’s mother. An Armenian religious refugee from Aydincak, in Turkey. Pregnant and unmarried at just 15, in a conservative community, Sofi was disowned by her parents. While searching for her child’s father she was arrested near the Armenian border. Satan covertly sponsored Sofi’s case through the charity Caritas in Istanbul. They advocated for her release. With their help, Sofi was able to secure political asylum in Sweden. After giving birth to Anahita in Stockholm, she was settled in Visby, Gotland and employed by a cleaning services company for the municipality. When Anahita’s health began to deteriorate with the onset of adolescence, Sofi pursued every avenue in search of a cure, but with time running out, and the bureaucracy of the healthcare system stymying remaining options, she has become increasingly reliant on faith to deliver her daughter’s salvation.