Verified AAV sightings 

CODEX Entry 7100: Verified AAV sightings


The definitions of ‘verified’ here is: –
1. Combined radar and visual sightings.

2. Two independent reputable eyewitnesses:-
a. Pilots in two separate aircraft viewing from different angles.
b. Two pilots in the same aircraft having extended close range views from different angles.
c. One pilot and a second military officer on the ground making extended visual contact.

3. Two independent radar system recordings; preferably ground and aircraft; or two separate aircrafts’ systems; or two separate systems on the same aircraft.

4. The visual and radar reports match.

5. Flight behaviour on the radar recordings and visual sightings must exceed sufficiently all known speed or manoeuvres possible with the most advanced test programs underway globally at the time of the sightings.

6. Reputable eyewitnesses must have extensive flying experience, with a minimum of 500 combat hours or 5000 civilian hours. Air traffic controllers must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience. Other ground eyewitnesses must have officer rank in the armed forces.

All other reports do not qualify for these requirements, allowing these cases to be presumed as fact, however uncomfortable this may be.