The Adoration of the Eucharist

CODEX Entry 1605: The Adoration of the Eucharist


The Adoration of the Eucharist, with the Monstrance, and blessing of the bread and wine, are Egyptian rituals transferred, almost unchanged, into the Christian tradition. In the image below we see King Akhenaton offering two cone-shaped loaves to Atun, on the right a Christian priest raising the Eucharist at a Cathedral service today. Below, the Monstrance or Ostensorium, in the shape of the sun symbol. The rituals of feeding the gods wine, lamb, and bread, continue to be confused with the separate ritual of the giving of blood. Wine now symbolises the blood of Christ.


Pyramid of the sun symbol

eucharist sun symbol


Other elements copied from the temples of Isis are matins and vespers to rouse the goddess or to lay her to rest, at which white-robed priests officiate.