The Levites

CODEX Entry 1031: The Levites


This Jewish tribe was one of the twelve tribes of Israel. They were selected by Yahweh, during his time in the Sinai, to put up, maintain, and dismantle the Tabernacle, or Tent¹. When the Israelites returned to Baal worship during the first winter solstice in the desert, the Levites agreed to attack and kill 3000 of their brethren. This sign of loyalty was rewarded with a unique position within the community. They were exempt from some of Yahweh’s taxes². Yahweh took the entire male population of the Levites, or 22,000, as his servants. He traded them for the total male firstborn of the Israelites, 22,273, and demanded 16kg of silver in return for the 273 discrepancy³. Levites were recognisable for their shaved head, and the absence of a beard, which was prevalent in those times.




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