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      LOTI: something to consider

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          I can’t help but notice how LOTI draws much of its source material from biblical passages and old scriptures. It makes me wonder if some of it is true. The way the creators interpreted these ancient texts into something we can actually wrap our heads around is just spectacular. HOW the “angels’ halos are actually just helmets. HOW gods are just aliens. HOW HEAVEN IS JUST ACTUALLY SPACE.

          And if Heaven is space.. where is Hell supposed to be?

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          If you’re interested in gods and pantheons and appreciate that riffing off stories that have been told for thousands of years is a fascinating and interesting place to start building a new fictional world, then you’ll love this.

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          Fleur De Liz

          LOTI creators makes it interesting by combining fiction and facts with biblical characters that are represented differently. Still there is an existence of good and bad. The way Marduk was portrayed is somewhat similar in Pharoah’s times. The twist and turn of events and characters will make you twisted. It will ignite more to the already twisted religions and the many interpretations the people has.

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          WandaVision Fan

          It’s kind of like a Rick Riordan novel but a comic version.

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          I love the art form and it’s versatility of Last of the irin. Because I love when it is studied and discussed as critically and intelligently as novels and graphics arts like painting.everybody should look through LAST OF THE IRIN Comics to understand what’s at work in the background when a successful comics is put together.I enjoy reading about the the history last of the irin comics. Go Anahita’s im rooting for you.

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