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      Anahita’s Journey

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          Fleur De Liz

          Anahita’s transformation from a sickly girl to becoming a determined goal getter was a shocking turn of the story. She is a character that worth to be hooked up for.
          Let us follow her journey and how far she will go.

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          WandaVision Fan

          I agree. Anahita rocks!

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            Fleur De Liz

            Indeed she is!

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          I believe Anahita was already driven and spirited even before she got better. She just got more badass ever since she found out she was an alien demi-god.

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          Anahita is definitely a real goddess!

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          Fleur De Liz

          As the volume progresses Anahita’s character development is getting more intense. I wonder how she will shock us more in the later part of the story.
          Her character is worth following. And honestly among the character she is a notable one. Easy to spot and remember. All other character I have difficulty in remembering their faces and I have to constantly look back and check who they are in the first volume.

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          Fleur De Liz

          As the Volume 2 reach its end, I was really amazed by Anahita’s journey towards her family. The determination and will power she possess inspired me. The healing of the family feud is what I’m hoping for. I’m happy that she and Baal are in good deeds already. So for the next volume, I am anticipating the antagonist to be her Aunt Desala. Well whatever trials she will come across, I am hoping she will still emerge successful. Go Anahita!

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          I am rooting for Anahita too. I hope the antagonist for the next volume will not be a family. But who knows what will happen next.

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