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          So many people talk about video chat apps like Omegle and Chatroulette that they seem like a fad. But video chat is the future.
          Video chat is the next step in human-to-human communication. Google Hangouts has about 200 million users. Skype has about 5 billion. In each case, that implies that that about 6% of the human race is using it. That percentage is increasing rapidly, and most people in the world will have video chat by 2020.
          Video chat is the killer app for the Internet. It’s harder to explain than email, which everyone knows how to do. But email is now obsolete. It will be replaced by something that depends on video.
          Right now, video is mostly used for video chat. But video chat will also grow into video commerce. Skype now lets you make financial transactions over the video link. Soon you’ll be able to use it for everything else, too.
          Video chat is going to change a lot of industries. TV will be completely rewritten. Newspapers, movies, and music will be reshaped. The credit industry will be revolutionized. And the world will be a better place.
          Video chat is going to require an infrastructure of cameras, servers, and high-speed Internet. But it’s already happening. The rise of video is due mainly to Google’s pioneering work, but lately Facebook has been catching up.
          Video chat is possible because the Internet is now fast enough. In the early days of the Internet, video was considered impossible. But by 1995 there were already about 6 million Internet users. In 1999 there were about 20 million. By 2006 there were 80 million. By 2009 there were 200 million

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