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      Is Our God Alien?

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          Fleur De Luna

          While browsing online about Aliens and UFOs, I’ve come across this talk of Sadhguru

          After watching the talk it makes me contemplate that Aliens are our own interpretation and may somewhat different in another culture.
          But as Sadhguru say anything that is not in this planet is Alien. So that mean’s God is Alien?

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          Fleur De Liz

          Oh I’ve come across another talk of Sadhguru discussing if Shiva is an Alien or what

          So the Gods as we believe in our religion may be an Alien in some other culture. So it depends in each other’s interpretation.

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          Alien literally means someone form a foreign land or basically a foreigner. From a mere human’s perspective, anything that is unknown to us is labelled “alien.” Every religion has their own interpretation of a creator, to make sense of the unknown variables in this world we live in. And the God/gods people worship are yet another unknown variable, so here is the irony of it all. So in a sense, yes, whatever “God” it is you mention is most definitely an alien to us humankind.

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