Ritual abuse of minors

CODEX Entry 2636: Ritual abuse of minors


Child harvesting and kidnapping

Global estimates are that 1.2 million to 1.8 million children are trafficked each year, the majority for the sex trade, others for menial domestic or factory work. Approximately half a million in Latin America, and a quarter of a million a year each in Africa and Asia. Estimates in Europe and North America are highly speculative.

Links between church run orphanages and paedophile rings, child sales, and sexual assault have profoundly damaged the reputation of the priesthood and the church itself. In Ireland thousands of victims have come forward in cases such as the Kilcara Children’s Home. The sale of 5,000 children by Georgia Tann in the US, many abducted in her car, brought the practise to light in the US in the 1950’s. In Spain the sale of orphans and newly born children from politically ‘undesirable’ parents ran into the tens of thousands during the Franco era, up until the 1970s. Similar rings have since been discovered in South America.


Child prostitution and the powerful

The high-profile case of David Epstein appears to be a simpler case of honey traps, financed by Mossad, involving girls between 14 and 20 years of age. Unlike traditional honey traps which evolve into blackmail, this process was structured to create complicity, an unspoken trade in sexual favours and secrecy, in return for support and adherence to Israel’s goals. Links with Prince Andrew, Clinton, and numerous members of the elite, followed by his murder in a high supervision cell, have highlighted the pervasion of these practises in high society but do not relate to the paedophile and ritualistic elements found elsewhere. Prince Andrew’s immunity is not new. Lord Mountbatten participated in underaged gay orgies with young teenage boys, supplied by pimps from orphanages in Ireland, in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This has been successfully suppressed both in the press and the courts.

Hollywood has been openly complicit in promoting paedophilia with extraordinary footage in segments like The Baby Burlesque movies in the 30’s, which contained sexual and ritual overtones with children aged little more than five. These played in cinemas before main features. The signals and innuendos continued in Shirley Temple’s early features with many uncomfortable sexual scenes and costumes.

The Marc Dutroux arrest in Belgium in 1989 and again in 1996 with a case that only eventually reached court in 2003 finally began to shine the spotlight on these paedophile sex parties in Europe. However, that spotlight rapidly moved to exposing the ability of powerful people to suppress these invasions into their paedophile world. Twenty-six people connected with the case, chiefly twenty witnesses for the prosecution, died in suspicious circumstances; the most active police officers and the prosecutors were removed from the case; leads were never followed; evidence was lost¹. His accomplice Michel Nihoul spent just 5 months in prison and Judge Van Espen’s sister was godmother to Nihoul’s daughter. Despite impossibly accurate evidence provided by Regina Louf, in the ritual murder of the girl Christine Van Hees at a sex party attended by politicians and judges, her testimony was declared a fantasy, and media outlets ridiculed her. Her case was never brought to court despite the recorded confession of Tony Van den Bogaert in abusing Louf at 12 years old. He has never faced prosecution².


Children used in ritual

Prosecutors have always had great difficulty getting witness testimony from the children used in ritual to be accepted by the courts. In nearly all cases, statements by children under 6 years of age are rejected based on the leading nature of questioning require by social workers to gather evidence. With older teenage children, their earlier experiences are often declared as ‘false memories’, or their continued use of drugs, first provided by the paedophile ring, reduces the standing of the witnesses in the eyes of the court. The concept of ‘Satanic Panic’ triggered by the McMartin case, and the result of several legitimate and confirmed cases of ‘false memories’ led to an almost complete dismissal of the existence of satanic sex rituals by the legal authorities world-wide. Even when convictions occur, ritual elements are generally overlooked by the courts.

The McMartin case involved more than twenty matching recorded testimonies by children, which described them being led down tunnels at McMartin Pre-School, driven to a nearby airfield, and flown to satanic parties, which included accusations of extreme cruelty and perversion. In the absence of physical evidence, there was increasing scepticism that such crimes could possibly have occurred. Alternative explanations emerged, first as criminal defence theories, and then in the public and media at large. It was posited that very young children were moved by the hysterical overreaction of adults to make unfounded accusations. Full-page newspaper ads placed in 1984 by the McMartin criminal defence attorneys compared their situation to the Salem witch trials. Despite 9 of the 11 jurors believing some form of abuse had occurred, all charges were dismissed. In 1990 an archaeological project was conducted to determine, once and for all, whether or not there had ever been tunnels under the building, as described by various children. The project unearthed two tunnel complexes as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by the children’s reports.

The Franklin child prostitution ring, involving Larry King and the Boy’s Town Orphanage, came shortly after the McMartin case³. Social Services presented a huge file of witness testimonies, followed by extensive videoed witness interviews by the FBI, to a special Omaha Committee. This was never followed up by Omaha police and judicial departments. Children also described being regularly given cocaine and heroin. Children aged ten to fifteen described being flown around the country in private jets arranged by Larry King to orgy parties. When the Nebraska State Government eventually set up the Foster Care Executive Committee to review the files, members of the Committee, including its head Senator Loren Smitt, received death threats. The Committee handed over all evidence to the FBI. Newspapers then focused on discrediting the witnesses and, to the shock of the Committee, the witnesses were threatened with perjury until they withdrew their video testimony.[i] Gary Caradori, a private investigator on the case, was killed during the case, when his private plane blew up in flight, and all his records were impounded by the FBI. After his death, Committee members refused to continue under such duress, but issued a statement after the Grand Jury’s conclusions, denouncing the miscarriage of justice. Three of the four teenage witnesses had withdrawn their testimony under intense duress by their FBI handlers, and the one who did not, was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to a record 25 years in prison by the Grand Jury. This sentence must be compared to the 15 years given to the defendant Larry King for defrauding US$40 million to finance the private jet lifestyle and soliciting gay prostitutes. Senator Smitt declared his faith in government destroyed by this case.

A larger, related case, the same year, the Washington Call Boy scandal, which included lists of political clients and credit card slips was under investigation by the Washington Post, but all 20,000 documents on the case were sealed by court order, and lead political witness Craig J Spence ‘committed suicide’. Donald Gregg, National Security Advisor to U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush was implicated by Spence.

Cases are too numerous to list, but even in one incident in 2020, US Marshals rescued 72 endangered children in Indiana, Idaho, and Georgia, from a paedophile network. Cases like this receive remarkably little news coverage.

In the UK, the Broxtowe files, relating to 20 young children in Nottingham, and which involved sex with children under 6, with witches, sheep sacrifice, and baby killing have been buried, using copyright to side step the Freedom of Information Act.




¹ Documentary – Marc Dutroux – Serial killer and supplier of children for the satanic elite
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³ Documentary – Conspiracy of Silence 1994 (never aired)